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Grades 1-2

Learning Safari

The Learning Safari is a wildlife adventure program for children in grades 1-8.   This program uses guided questioning that empowers children to construct knowledge, make discoveries, and connect their museum experience to the natural world.  The Learning Safari is aligned with Nevada State Standards and addresses these themes for the following elementary grades:  1st & 2nd - Habitats, 3rd - 8th - Adaptations. 

1st & 2nd Grade


Everybody Needs a Home  - Journey through diverse environments and identify animal habitats.

Galleries visited may include

Wild Nevada, African Savanna, Prehistoric Life & Marine Life

(15 minutes per gallery for an approximate total of 1 hour)

Nevada K-2 Science Standards

Scientific Inquiry

N.2.A.  Understand that science is an active process of systematically examining the natural world.

N.2.A.1  Make observations & give descriptions

Life Science - Structure of Life

L.2.B  Understand that living things have identifiable characteristics.

L.2.B.1 Know that animals use their senses to know their world.

Life Science - Organisms & Their Environment

L.2.C.  Understand that living things live in different places.

L.2.C.2  Know a habitat includes food, water, shelter, and space.

L.2.C.3  Know living things are found almost everywhere in the world.

Life Science - Diversity of Life

L.2.D.  Understand that there are many kinds of living things on Earth.

L.2.D.1  Know plants and animals can be sorted by observable characteristics and behaviors.

L.2.D.2  Know some plants and animals are extinct. 

Galleries that may be visited...

Prehistoric Life    Approach the Tyrannosaurus rex at your own risk!  Triceratops, Ankylosaur and a ferocious raptor give a further glimpse into the past.  Learn how fossils are created.  Explore theories on the first animals to inhabit land, different dinosaur characteristics and extinction.  See ancient marine life and other animals including the ichthyosaur, a gigantic marine reptile that swam in the waters of Nevada during the time of the dinosaurs. 

African Savanna   Hear the roar of a lion!  Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Serengeti, featuring a peaceful watering hole and the animals that survive in this harsh environment.  A wart hog, hyenas, a cheetah and a rhino are just some of the animals you'll find.

Wild Nevada    Hear the call of a coyote!  Experience the rugged beauty of the Mojave Desert.  Use four of your senses to learn about the large variety of minerals, plants and animals, including the desert tortoise and burrowing owls that are found in this area.  Find out more about Nevada's state symbols and the valley's first inhabitants.

Marine Life    Get splashed by our live sharks and stingrays that occupy a 3,000-gallon tank!  Stand in the jaws of a megalodon shark.  See colorful and fascinating creatures from the deep with unique adaptations such as blind cave fish and a frog fish.  Find these and many other animals making the ocean their home.

Traveling Exhibits    Every year the Museum hosts a traveling exhibit usually June through September.  Don't miss your chance. Contact the Education Department to find out the current schedule of new and exciting exhibits visiting the Museum.