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Field Trip Information

The 2018-2019 school year field trips are completely booked. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Connect your students to the wonders of the natural world with a visit to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, where a whole new world of science, nature and culture from around the globe awaits. Our guided programs and fascinating galleries inspire wonder, curiosity and learning that extend well beyond your visit. Experience the prehistoric times by hanging out with dinosaurs, learn about Nevada's ecosystem, experience the African savannah in the comfort of your own city, learn about the wonders of the ocean or travel back in time to experience Ancient Egyptian culture. 

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Field Trips

We want to be your partner as an educator in creating a lively, engaging and unforgettable learning environment for your students. As a result, our field trips were carefully designed to be developmental and age appropriate while meeting Nevada educational standards. Programs have been developed paying close attention to the Next Generation Science Standards with particular emphasis on Scientific and Engineering Practices. Every one of our field trips is guided by our education professionals who are trained in guiding students from early childhood all the way through adulthood. 

Program Choices: 

Learning Safari

Price: $3 per student

Our most popular Learning Safari field trip is broken down into age appropriate and Nevada standard aligned themes. Each Learning Safari experience includes 4 separate galleries. Galleries are pre-picked based on theme but flexibility is allowed if teachers have special requests. 

I Spy the Natural World - Grades Pre-K - K

This theme introduces and practices early science skills such as observation, compare and contrast, early math, and others. This program also supports receptive language skills, cognitive skills and even motor skills.

Galleries explored: International Wildlife (Animal Families), African Savanna, Prehistoric Life combined with the Young Scientist Center, & Marine Life

Homes and Habitats - Grades 1–2

This theme introduces students to animals living in a variety of habitats, ecosystems and biomes. The goal of this experience is to emphasize both the commonalities of animal homes and also the great diversity.  Higher level thinking skills are practiced through carefully constructed progressions for content delivery through dialogue with students.

Galleries explored: Wild Nevada, African Savanna, Prehistoric Life, & Marine Life

Animal Adaptations - Grades 3-5 (can go up through 8th)

This theme tasks students with interpreting the adaptations for animals all over the world and evaluating how they survive in their environment. Higher level thinking is used to make students investigate, analyze, and evaluate the strengths and challenges of a variety of adaptations.
Galleries explored: International Wild Life, Wild Nevada, Prehistoric Life, & Marine Life

Science Sleuths

Price: $4 per student

Combine an interpretive experience with a science lab to transform your students into Science Sleuths. It integrates inquiry-based investigative, hands-on learning and peer interaction. Students participate in a 45-minute lab activity and a 45-minute gallery tour. It is aligned with Nevada State Science and Social Studies Standards for grades 4 – 8.

Fossil Stories – Grades 5 – 6

Fossil Stories is a program designed for older students in which they discover past worlds by investigating fossil evidence. This program combines a gallery experience with an on-site, classroom lab experience.

Galleries explored: Wild Nevada, Prehistoric Life, Marine Life,  & Museum’s classroom

Ancient Egypt – Grades 6 – 8

Students are transported from the desert of Nevada to the desert of ancient Egypt – across time and space to the culture and artifacts of this ancient civilization. Students use teamwork and critical thinking to explore ancient Egypt through geography, history, mathematics, science, and technology. A combined gallery and lab experience reveals the ancient Egyptians dependence on the Nile River for survival; the social hierarchy and its impacts on the daily lives of the Egyptians; and the technology and archaeology that reveals the timeless legacy of the ancient Egyptians that has endured for thousands of years.  

Galleries explored: Ancient Egypt  & Museum’s classroom

Other Field Trip Information:


The Museum’s Open Door scholarships are available to schools that demonstrate an economic need. Most schools qualify based on their schools’ population that is eligible for Federal Free and Reduced Lunch. Transportation scholarships are additionally available on a limited basis. Please note that a minimum of 55 students per bus is required for the scholarship. 


Heritage Park, located directly next to the Museum, is available for picnics before or after your program. The park has bathrooms, drinking fountains, covered pavilions, a small play ground, desert garden and grassy area. Reserving the park is recommended, but not required.

Time Slots

 Field Trips are offered Monday through Friday at 9:30am and 11:00am; 1:00pm is also available if CCSD buses are not required for transportation. All field trip lengths are 90 minutes. The time frames of the programs are listed below (Please note that the Museum cannot adjust the schedule for late arrivals.):

9:30am - 11:00am
11:00am - 12:30pm
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Field Trip Capacity

Maximum number of students per field trip is as follows:
Learning Safari – 140 students (if PK or K – 120 students)
Science Sleuths – 65 students

A group is considered to be 10 or more students, 3 years and above. Please note that if you have a group larger than those numbers that we are able to schedule multiple separate field trips.

Chaperones Ratios

The Museum is able to accommodate the maximum student to adult ratios for the following grades. Chaperones and teachers are free up to the maximum number of chaperones per grade level as reported below: 

Pre-k to K ratio is 5:1
1st to 2nd ratio is 7:1
3rd to 8th ratio is 10:1 

Gift bags

Want souvenirs for your students? Gift bags are available for $1 each with advanced order (price increases to $1.50 each if not ordered at least a week ahead of time). You are able to mark gift bags on your field trip request form.

Non-School Groups

Not a school? Group Tours are also available for groups of 10 or more people. Groups of 10 or more people ages 3 and up are eligible for ½ price admission. Advanced reservations are strongly preferred but not necessary to receive the discounted admission rate. Groups of 10 or more who do not make an advanced reservation may not have a guided experience or facilitated program. Absolutely no other promotions can be included in the 10 or more group rate (i.e. guests under 3, 2 for 1 coupons, guest passes, members, etc. do not count towards the 10 people). Request a field trip here.




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Teacher Resources

We are currently in the process of updating our pre/post field trip materials. However, feel free to check out the current resources that we have!

Need content? Check out learning links at http://vegaslearninglink.com/

Need Pre/Post Materials? - Here are some classroom activity suggestions.

Remember: Local K-12 Teachers are always free at the Museum - Just show your Teacher I.D.

More information?
Contact Becky Humphrey at communityrelations@lvnhm.org
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