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Field Trip Request Form

Registration is open for the new and improved EXPLORER Field Trips at the Museum!

All EXPLORER programs are aligned to grade level and Academic Content Standards. The Museum uses its vast collections materials, resources, exhibits, and staff expertise to provide integrated high quality, immersive programs that support disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and scientific and engineering practices. Field trips to the Museum offer a way for students to explore Earth’s wild places, past and present. Students can interact with scientists and experience scientific discovery, exploration, and innovation right before their eyes.

All field trips are now scheduled Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

School Start time
(required adult: student ratios – PK-K 1:5; 1st-2nd 1:7; 3rd-8th 1:10 – additional adults beyond the list ratios will be charged $5)
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(please note –Program times are not flexible and do not include travel time. Schools are permitted to use Heritage Park before and after their program)
Currently assistance is only offered for field trips in the months of August through January.
Select your top three choices for field trip dates. Please consider testing dates, field day, picture day, teacher in service days, etc.
Do you want gift bags for your group? Please note, gift bags are $1.00 with advanced order. Gift bags may not be available without advanced order. Cost is $1.50 if ordered less than a week before your group arrives. The price of the gift bags are not covered under scholarship.