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Homeschool Programs At the Museum

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Expeditions Classes

Registration is now full for Fall classes - please stay tuned for Spring classes 

For ages 6-12 years old

Expeditions is a workshop series offered to home school families in southern Nevada. These exciting classes offer a way for families to learn together and gain science enrichment through interactive, hands-on activities that support a wide array of developmental science skills and concepts as well as learning styles.

Expeditions workshops return to the Museum beginning September 26, 2018. This year’s Expeditions workshops will have plenty of science for everyone with special guest facilitators throughout the year.

Expeditions workshops will be held on the last Tuesday of every month from 1:00pm-2:15pm. However, there will be no Expeditions in December due to the holidays. Advanced registration is required. 

Individual workshop prices:

Members: $3 (per person)

Non-members: $5 (per person)

Workshops are designed for children ages 6-12 and their parents or caregivers. Parents are encouraged to participate but it is not required. Payment is due at check-in on the day of the workshop. Cancellation is required within 48 hours (failure to cancel registration will result in inability to register for future workshops.)

Registration is now full for Fall classes - please stay tuned for Spring classes 

Fall of 2018 Schedule






Tuesday, September 25th

Class is Full

Chemistry of Water

Math is the key to science, but people sometimes run into trouble during their math journey because one weak concept can cause the whole thing to come crashing down. With a fun visual exercise, Science Mom explores water with three hands-on activities. Join us to discover just how incredible this ordinary substance really is.

Friday, October 26th

Class is Full

Dias dos Muertos (free class)

Day of the Dead, a celebration of life, joy, and family traditions. Come and join us as we learn about the history and culture of the Day of the Dead. Videos, activities, arts and crafts.


Tuesday, October 30th

Class is Full

Science of Chess

The Science of Chess will provide an introduction to the pieces and set up of a chess board including interactive role playing and fun stories.

Rich in history and art, the game of chess is a tool to help learn critical thinking and decision making.


Tuesday, November 27th

Class is Full

Buggie Science

The Science of BUGS!

This class incorporates real life insects and bug observation as well as hands on demonstrations of pollination, and a fun bug take home activity!