About Us

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum presents the Learning Link, which brings science, technology, engineering, and math right to your computer. The Museum is friends with dozens of scientists providing loads of information and cutting-edge research. Even more, with hundreds of exhibits and thousands of collections items, the Museum has a unique opportunity to bring this exciting information to members of the Learning Link.

  • Visit prehistoric life at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

    Visit prehistoric life at the
    Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

The Learning Link is for everyone. Parents and children can use the Learning Link to browse fascinating stories about our world or use it as a valuable digital resource for school projects. Teachers and other educators will appreciate the Learning Link’s meaningful content and connections to the new Nevada State Academic Content Standards for Science. Everyone will enjoy Local Connections and Science in Action found nowhere else.

Navigating the Learning Link

As you Begin Exploring, you can access the Exploration pages and browse fascinating Big Ideas, including stories of the prehistoric past and ecosystem encounters. Find facts, stories, videos, careers, local connections, and more. Big Ideas happen when curious minds start exploring. Big Ideas are closely related to what is happening in school classrooms in Southern Nevada; to what is going on at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and even what is going on in our science and STEM community.

  • Local paleontologist Josh Bonde at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

    Local paleontologist Josh Bonde at the
    Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

The Exploration pages are closely associated with local academic standards and are presented as fascinating stories, feats, and explanations. These pages present information to students and can help them make connections between real world science and what they are learning at school.

In Science in Action pages, students, parents, and educators can explore Big Ideas in the news, both locally and globally. See how people around the globe are using imagination, curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, and determination to solve some of our world’s most difficult challenges. Science in Action stories are directly connected to the Big Ideas on the Exploration pages so learners remain interested and engaged.

Visitors to the Local Connections pages will be inspired by scientists, students, and everyday citizens in their own communities doing amazing things in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Here, students can explore career paths and engaging stories of how people in their community are making a difference.

LVNHM Some of the cool stuff you read about on Learning Link you can see up close and in person at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Just look for this icon so you know which things can be found at the Museum, then click on the LVNHM.org link to plan your visit.