(702) 384–3466 (DINO)
900 Las Vegas Blvd North
Las Vegas, NV 89101

WAVP annual meetings are friendly and supportive environments to showcase research in Vertebrate Paleontology.


Las Vegas Natural History Museum

900 Las Vegas Blvd North

Las Vegas, NV  89101

The location for each meeting changes every year and is decided by vote. Unfortunately, the venue for the WAVP 2020 Annual Meeting in Saltillo, Mexico, had to change. The team at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, is honored to host WAVP for the same dates. Both the Museum and WAVP hope that the central location and many travel options, will offer everyone attending easy travel arrangements and a wonderful experience at the 2020 Annual Meeting!

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Thank you for Registering for the WAVP 2020 Conference to be held at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum February 14-16, 2020. We look forward to meeting all the attendees in just a few short weeks.  Please read over the updated information and contact the organizing committee at WAVP2020@gmail.com with any questions.Registration for the WAVP 2020 Meeting costs $60 USD per person, which includes registration, presentations, Friday evening reception, and the field trip.

Payment for registration will be due at check in, and is currently closed.

Dinner and social Saturday night for an additional $20 at Tenaya Creek Brewery

** Must be 21 years of age**

5:30 – 7:30 PM Tenaya Creek Brewery, 831 West Bonanza Rd., Las Vegas


Saturday February 15

Lunch break will be held at 11:30-1:00pm. We are encouraging attendees to remain at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum venue to discuss posters and network as dinner social will not be attended by everyone. We will be hosting a healthy food truck options with sandwiches, salads, and vegetarian/vegan options. Click Here for the Menu and More!


Field Trip Lunch

Please pack a lunch if you are attending a field trip. We will have water to refill and some small snacks. Please visit a convenience store or look for food options in your hotel.


Abstract Submission

The talk and poster presentation abstract submission closed on December 20th, 2019, at 10:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Information for Presenters

Posters: Posters are not to exceed 5’ wide x 3’ tall. Poster printing will not be available on site. Your presentation must cover the material described in your abstract.

Talks: Please prepare your talk using Microsoft PowerPoint and save it onto a USB thumb drive. You are allotted a total of 20 minutes. This time frame includes a 3 minute question period. A computer equipped with Windows, projector, and screen will be provided for oral presentations. Slide projectors, overhead projectors and multiple screens will not be available. Your presentation must cover the material described in your abstract.


The Las Vegas Natural History Museum

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum has been serving the southern Nevada community with engaging scientific programming for 28 years. The Museum is a regional repository for the State of Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, and United States Air Force administered lands. There will be an opportunity to visit collections via appointment. 


Downtown Las Vegas

The Museum is located in the Cultural Corridor, in historic Downtown Las Vegas, NV.  Bustling with culture and entertainment, you are sure to have a fabulous time while visiting us for the WAVP 2020 annual meeting!

Cultural Highlights:


Nightlife and Dining Highlights:


 Lodging and Transportation

  • Lodging: We chose not to partner with a hotel because many of the discount and home-sharing websites offer the best rates. We recommend the hotels throughout the Fremont Street District that offer convenient access to all of the amenities Las Vegas has to offer while also being within walking distance or an inexpensive ride-share.
  • Camping: The nearest campgrounds to the Museum are Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and Valley of Fire State Park, although these are easily an hour's drive from the Museum.
  • Parking at the Museum is Free.
  • The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is closest to McCarran International Airport. Rideshare, car rentals, and taxi services are available at the airport.


Field Trip:

There will be two field trips offered simultaneously on Sunday, February 16th. Attendees who RSVP’d for the field trip will be notified with field trip logistics at registration.  

Mesozoic of Southern NV:  Valley of Fire State Park

This field trip, led by Josh Bonde, Becky Humphrey, and Steve Rowland, will provide an overview of the complex and fossil-rich Mesozoic deposits of Southern NV within Valley of Fire State Park. The Jurassic Aztec Sandstone preserves not only a diverse assemblage of vertebrate trackways, but also beautifully preserved petroglyphs. Valley of Fire is named for the flame-colored outcrops of the Aztec Sandstone, however many fossils can be found in the surrounding outcrops of the Cretaceous Willow Tank Formation. A guided hike will also explore the Cretaceous outcrops of the park, which have yielded the most complete dinosaur from the state of Nevada. 

Pleistocene Las Vegas: Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

This field trip, led by Kathleen Springer, Jeff Pigati, and Dawn Reynoso, will explore the fossil-rich beds of the Las Vegas Formation in the Upper Las Vegas Wash.  The Las Vegas Formation preserves thousands of Pleistocene fossils within groundwater discharge deposits that formed in paleowetlands. These extensive wetlands supported many aquatic invertebrates and fish, as well as members of the Pleistocene megafauna. The National Monument was established in 2014 in part to help protect the fossil resources of the park, including Columbian mammoth, western camel, horse, sabertooth cat, and dire wolf. This field trip will include an interpretive hike, pointing out sites of significant paleontological or geochronological significance.

Schedule of Events:

  • Friday February 14: Registration and Welcome Reception 5:00-7:00 PM
    • Las Vegas Natural History Museum
  • Saturday February 15: Oral and Poster Presentations 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
    • Las Vegas Natural History Museum
  • Saturday February 15: Meeting Banquet 5:30-7:30
    • *Additional Cost, must be 21 years of age to attend*
    • Tenaya Creek Brewery
  • Sunday February 16: Field Trips
    • Mesozoic of Southern Nevada 8:15am
      • Meet at Las Vegas Natural History Museum
    • Pleistocene of Las Vegas 8:00am
      • Meet at Ice Age Fossils State Park