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Field Trip Information

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum Welcomes You!

Think back on your first visit to a museum. How did it impact your life? Perhaps it inspired a love of history, a passion to travel, a desire to learn about other cultures, or a drive to find what connects us with the past, present, and future. You can ignite that same spark for your students or group with a visit to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. 

Our education programs introduce children and adults to science and nature– found not just in the Las Vegas Valley or the State of Nevada, but around the world. Our field trips broaden children's knowledge of science, make connections to their own lives, and spark imaginations that lead to life-long learning. All of our field trips are guided educational programs and are aligned with grade appropriate Nevada State Education Standards in science and social studies.

A visit to the Natural History Museum immerses you in a world of exotic wildlife and the ecosystems they live in – from prehistoric times through the present. Your students or group can learn about topics such as animal characteristics, habitats, adaptations, classification and basic scientific methods and principles. Our newest addition, Treasures of Egypt, draws you into the fascinating discoveries and science of archaeology, as well as into an ancient culture of fellow desert dwellers.

Think Outside the Classroom-- Field Trip Programs

All of our Field Trip programs are carefully designed by grade level and meet State Education Standards

Early Explorers (Grades PK–K)

Hands-on learning and interactive inquiry bring this museum adventure program to life – addressing early childhood developmental milestones and the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten State Standards of Education in Science. Through active exploration, children learn important skills, concepts and vocabulary to provide a foundation for future science education.

Learning Safari (Grades 1–8)

Take your students on a wildlife adventure with a safari through Wild Nevada or the African Savanna. Guided questioning empowers students to construct knowledge, make discoveries, and connect their museum experience to the natural world. The Learning Safari is aligned with Nevada State Standards and addresses the themes of Habitats for grades 1 and 2; Adaptations for grades 3-8.

Science Sleuths (Grades 4–6)

Combine an interpretive experience with a science lab to transform your students into Science Sleuths. This life and earth science program encourages observational and deductive reasoning skills as well as self-discovery. It integrates inquiry-based, investigative, and hands-on learning as well as peer interaction. Students participate in a 45-minute lab activity with a 45-minute gallery tour. It is aligned with Nevada State Science Standards for grades 4-6.

Ancient Egypt Experience (Grades 6–8)

In the Museum's exhibit, Treasures of Egypt, students are transported from the desert of Nevada to the desert of ancient Egypt – across time and space to the culture and artifacts of this ancient civilization. Students use teamwork and critical thinking to explore ancient Egypt through geography, history, mathematics, science, and technology. A combined gallery and lab experience reveals the ancient Egyptians' dependence on the Nile River for survival; social hierarchy and its impact on the daily lives of the Egyptians; and the technology and archaeology that reveals the legacy of ancient Egyptians. The program aligns with Nevada State Social Studies Standards for grades 6–8.