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Family Vacationist Lists Museum as One of "The Best Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids."

"Gambling, fine dining, clubbing—many of Sin City’s most famous specialties are definitely not family-friendly. But before you dismiss Las Vegas as a family vacation spot, take a closer look. Because against all odds, there are actually a ton of things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

From immersive superhero spaces to interactive children’s museums, wildlife habitats to a construction vehicle playground, there’s virtually endless variety when it comes to family vacation ideas and things to do in Las Vegas with kids."

"This low-key natural history museum spans history with everything from fossil dinosaur eggs and roaring T-rex replicas to a native wildlife gallery and a 3,000-gallon tank with sharks and stingrays. There’s also a fluorescent minerals gallery that glows in the dark.

Located about 15 minutes from the Strip, the Natural History Museum sits next to Heritage Park, which has picnic tables and plenty of room for kids to run around. Museum admission is affordable compared to other cities’ natural history museums and it’s good for an hour or two, so it’s well matched to the attention span of most kids." -Christine Sarkis

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