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CRM Unboxing with Laura Benedict

Across the street from the museum is our repository that holds everything else that belongs to the museum but that we just don't have the room to store in the main building. Examples of items that can be found in the repository range from taxidermy to fossils, to mammoth tusks in jackets, to Native American artifacts and so on. Some of the pieces held within our repository do get cycled and displayed in the museum and others are simply held there for the State of Nevada from their archaeologists' finds, negotiations with different Native American groups over various pottery, and taxidermy that needs to be cared for. Our repository is well looked after from Laura, our Cultural History Collections and Federal Repository Manager, and Michelle, our Collections Manager, along with a variety of volunteers. In this video, Laura unboxes a package received from the CRM, or the Cultural Resource Management, which may be defined as cultural heritage management within a framework of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines (Oxford Bibliographies). Our archaeologists and paleontologists work closely with the Federal and State government so this video serves as a nice behind the scenes as one of the responsibilities our team tackles.

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